Corporate Profile



Corporate Profile

Company name TOA Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.
Headquarters 5-1-4 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0021[Google Map]
Established June 17, 1947
Capital 450,680,000 yen
Fiscal year end End of February
Employees 330
Main business Handling of electrical and electronic materials,
electronic parts, and electrical insulation materials
Industrial materials and related equipment
Environment and sanitation equipment and related parts
President and CEO
Akio Shigeta

Senior Managing Director
Hiroshi Koide

Managing Director
Kazuhiro Ogawa

Managing Director
Akira Iwakiri

Yuichi Takanashi

Hisanobu Kusumoto

Ryuji Fujita

Corporate Auditor
Toru Oikawa

Corporate Auditor
Yoichi Fukasaku

Corporate Philosophy


With our creativity and capacity to act, we help customers to excel in their product development and business. With our employees, we pursue physical and spiritual wealth, while with our customers, we contribute to the development of society through electronics.


To achieve “Monodzukuri” world-wide.We utilize our global network to help customers across the world succeed in the production of goods with the best value creation.


1. Goal-striving & Creating
2. Autonomy & Cooperation
3. Sincerity & Humility
4. Passion & Curiosity
5. Customers first & Profit-making



Products by Type

Products by Type

Organization Chart

Organization ChartOrganization Chart

Corporate History

June 1947 Established at current location with capital of JPY 195,000 to engage in sales of electrical insulation materials and rubber products for industrial use.
Opened Osaka Sales Office.
April 1949 Opened Fukuoka Sales Office.
September 1956 Home office building completed.
March 1961 Opened Nagoya Sales Office.
June 1967 Held 20th anniversary ceremony.
March 1968 Opened Hamamatsu Sales Office.
May 1969 Opened Himeji Sales Office.
June 1971 Opened Sendai Sales Office.
September 1972 Opened KitaKanto Sales Office.
May 1973 Promoted Osaka Sales Office to branch status.
August 1976 Promoted Nagoya Sales Office to branch status.
May 1977 Held 30th anniversary ceremony.
July 1980 Opened Oyama Sales Office.
January 1981 Opened Akita Sales Office.
June 1982 Opened Kariya Sales Office.
March 1985 Home Office new building completed.
March 1987 Held 40th anniversary ceremonies.
March 1989 Opened Yokohama Sales Office.
April 1989 Opened Tokyo and Hachioji Sales Offices.
September 1989 Established TOA E&I Singapore, Pte. Ltd.
January 1991 Established TOA E&I Taiwan, Co., Ltd.
January 1993 Established TOATECH Inc.
February 1994 Established TOA E&I Hong Kong Co., Ltd.
April 1997 Established Shanghai TOA Trading Co., Ltd.
November 1997 Held 50th anniversary ceremonies.
December 2000 Acquired ISO14001 authentication.
October 2001 Established TOA E&I (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
April 2003 Established TOA E&I Dalian Co., Ltd.
November 2003 Established TOA E&I Suzhou Co., Ltd.
October 2004 Established Shina Precision Co., Ltd.
November 2004 Established TOA E&I Europe GmbH.
July 2005 Acquired ISO9001 certification.
May 2006 Established TOA E&I America Inc.
March 2007 Established Shin-A Precision Malaysia Sdn.Bhd.
October 2007 Held 60th anniversary ceremonies.
February 2008 Established TOA E&I XIAMEN CO.,LTD.
March 2008 Opened Tukuba Sales Office.
May 2009 Opened TOA Technical Co.,Ltd. Sakai Office.
April 2011 Established TOA E&I DONG GUAN CO.,LTD.
July 2013 Changed the company name TOA E&I Singapore,Pte.Ltd. to TOA E&I International Pte.Ltd.
June 2017 Held 70th anniversary ceremonies.
October 2018 Established artron ventures inc.
April 2019 Opened TOA Technical Co.,Ltd. Aizuwakamatsu Factory.
October 2019 Established ARTRON VIETNAM CO., LTD.
February 2020 Changed the company name TOA E&I INTERNATIONAL PTE. LTD. to ARTRON INTERNATIONAL PTE. LTD.
March 2020 Changed the company name TOA E&I (THAILAND) CO., LTD. to ARTRON (THAILAND) CO.,LTD.
Changed the name Sendai Sales Office to Tohoku Sales Office.
Changed the name Akita Sales Office to Tohoku Sales Office Akita Sales Sub-Office.
July 2020 Changed the company name TOA E&I America, Inc. to ARTRON AMERICA, INC.
Changed the company name TOA E&I EUROPE Gm bH to ARTRON EUROPE GmbH
October 2020 Changed the company name TOA E&I TAIWAN CO., LTD. to ARTRON TAIWAN CO., LTD.
Changed the company name TOATECH INC. to ARTRON TECH INC.
November 2020 Opened Tokyo Sales Office Nagaoka Sales Sub-Office.
December 2020 Changed the company name SHANGHAI TOA TRADING CO.,LTD. to ARTRON SHANGHAI CO., LTD.
Changed the company name E&I SUZHOU CO., LTD. to ARTRON SUZHOU CO., LTD.
Changed the company name TOA E&I DALIAN CO.,LTD. to ARTRON DALIAN CO., LTD.
Changed the company name TOA E&I DONG GUAN CO.,LTD. to ARTRON DONGGUAN CO., LTD.
January 2021 Changed the company name TOA E&I XIAMEN CO.,LTD to ARTRON XIAMEN CO., LTD.

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