Information Security

Basic Approach to Information Security

TOA Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. is strongly aware that the information assets in our possession are constantly subject to various threats. Based on our desire to fulfill our management philosophy by continuing to provide products and services that are always safe and reliable, and continuing to be a company trusted by the public, we endeavor to win the trust of all stakeholders including business partners, local communities, and shareholders, leading to raising the level of the Company’s operations as a whole.


To these ends, it is extremely important that we take every security measure to protect the information assets entrusted with us by our business partners and confidential information obtained in carrying out our business activities. To indicate actions in constant awareness of maintaining confidentiality, security, and availability of the information assets managed by the Company, the five items that all our employees are asked to observe are listed below and we declare that we will take proactive steps toward maintaining information security.


1. Strictly handling important information
2. Preventing unauthorized access to information
3. Observing relevant laws, regulations, and rules
4. Endeavoring to educate employees and raise their awareness
5. Responding promptly and effectively to information security incidents





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