Business Units



We are committed to achieving Monodzukuri,
the art of manufacturing, with our five business units, including trading as our main pillar.

1. Trading Business Unit

We provide solutions to support our customers’ product development.

We offer solutions tailored precisely to fit our customer’s needs, drawing on experience and know-how we gained over the last 70 years and track records of handling over 30,000 items of electronic component.
Count on us to deliver quality parts globally by delivering the right goods, at exact quantity and on time.


Areas of expertise: consumer electronics, automobiles, factory automation, industrial equipment, medical equipment, construction machinery, etc.








2. OEM Business Unit

Be it production or processing,
our manufacturing sites could meet your needs.

We offer high value-added products that meet our customer’s requirements, using our own manufacturing facilities or working with our carefully selected partners.
Our manufacturing facilities’ monodzukuri could help in great variety of your product development.


Areas of expertise: consumer electronics, automobiles, medical equipment, industrial equipment, etc.







3. In-House Brand Business Unit

In-house products that utilised our technological capability.

Our in-house products are developed upon our manufacturing know-how gained over years,
with technological capability that enabling high-quality monodzukuri.



4. Enterprise Creation Business Unit

Creating alliances that open up all sorts of new possibilities.

We seek to strengthen our existing businesses and explore the blue ocean of market space potential, by not only through business alliances, M&As, and venture funding, but also by embracing strategic partnerships and collaboration with different kinds of market players.





5. Advanced Technology Business Unit

We offer cutting-edge solutions that meet the needs of latest trend.

Count on our one-stop solutions that integrate both hardware and software with system supports,
backed by the industry’s latest innovative and disruptive breakthrough technologies.





Project inquiries

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