Privacy Policy

Handling of Personal Information

Aware of the importance of protecting personal information, the Company takes the following steps to ensure proper and safe handling of the personal information obtained and used in our operations, to protect customer information and live up to the trust placed in us.


  1. In handling personal information, the Company clearly defines the purpose of its usage within the scope necessary for business operations, publicizes or notifies this scope, and makes no use of the information for purposes outside the defined scope.
  2. The obtained personal information may be used for the following purposes.
    a) Responding to inquiries
    b) Providing the Company’s handled products and services or information about them
    c) Managing contractual relations with business partners
    d) Hiring employees, etc. (including recruiting activities), providing employee benefits, and managing personnel affairs
  3. When the Company outsources the handling of personal information, only vendors confirmed to handle personal information properly are selected; and through written agreements and other means the vendors are properly managed to ensure their safe management of personal information, maintenance of confidentiality, and prohibition of sub-subcontracting, etc.
  4. When personal information is shared with Group companies, publicizing or notification is made in advance of (1) items of personal information for shared use, (2) users of the information, (3) purpose of shared use, and (4) persons responsible for management of the personal information.
  5. The personal information in possession of the Company will not be disclosed or provided to a third party without the consent of the principal, except in the following cases.
    – When based on legal stipulations;
    – When deemed necessary for protection of human life, well-being, or property and the consent of the principal cannot readily be obtained;
    – When deemed particularly necessary for improving public sanitation or promoting the sound development of children and the consent of the principal cannot readily be obtained;
    – When it is necessary to cooperate with a national government organization, local public entity, or person entrusted by them in performing duties prescribed by laws and regulations,  and there is concern that obtaining the consent of the principal would interfere with the performance of those duties.
  6. The Company stores the personal information in its possession under its own strict management, and after fulfillment of the purposes for use, safely returns or destroys the information at an appropriate time.
  7. The Company, based on the Information Security Policy  of the Company, institutes proper security measures of a reasonable level for the personal information in its possession, and endeavors to prevent dangers such as unlawful access to the personal information or its loss, falsification, or leakage.
  8. The Company strictly observes the laws and regulations of Japan and other rules concerning protection of personal information.
  9. The Company reviews the personal information protection system on an ongoing basis and endeavors to improve it.
  10. The Company cannot be responsible for the handling of personal information by other business operators or personal websites linked to on this website.

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