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ARTRON DONGGUAN CO., LTD.(China / Dongguan)

TEL +86-769-8542-0252 FAX +86-769-8542-0239 No 7,Shang Zhen 2nd Road, Shang Jiao District. Chang An Town,Dongguan City, GuangDong Province,P.R.O.C Postal Code:523878

Providing a broad range of processed products, from double-sided tapes and optical films to insulating paper

We process and market a variety of products that include backlight optical films and light-shielding tapes for the automotive sector and insulating paper and cushions for electric vehicle motors.
We also possess superior bonding processing technology with our bonding machines.
Moreover, our factory has the capabilities necessary for the integrated production of bonded optical film products, such as those required for electronic mirrors and HUDs.



Fast and affordable prototyping made possible with CCD camera-mounted laser processing machines

Our factory is fully equiped with:
– Cleanrooms (Class 1,000 / Class 10,000)
– Laser cutting machines
– Bonding machines
– Super Cutters (Die-less automated continuous cutting machines)
– Stamping machines (3T, 5T), and
– Power press (35T ~ 110T)




Project inquiries

Feel free to contact us for product features and services we could offer you.